Security through obscurity is the best solution for WordPress Security. Hide wp-admin, wp-login, plugin, themes, etc. Add Firewall, Brute Force protec …

Source : Hide My WP Ghost – Security Plugin – Extension WordPress | Français

It is a very lightweight plugin for customizing WordPress header, add custom code and enable, disable or remove the unwanted meta tags and links from …

Source : Easy Header Footer – Speedup, Security and Minify – Extension WordPress | Français

Protect email addresses on your site and hide them from spambots. Simple à utiliser & flexible.

Source : Email Encoder – Protégez vos adresses e-mail – Extension WordPress | Français

Aucun réglage nécessaire ! Vous devez uniquement avoir un certificat SSL et cette extension fera le reste.

Source : Really Simple SSL – Extension WordPress |

Source : ModSecurity Overview

I speak to a lot of people who think that creating a website is all you need to do to have a presence on the Internet. They think that simply having a site out there, preferably one built on WordPress and using a great theme and some plugins to make it even better, will help them to reach a huge online audience and connect with more people or make more sales.

Source : Best Practices for Managing Your WordPress Site - WPMU DEV

Protect attachment files from direct access using powerful and flexible restrictions. Offer safe download links for any file in your uploads folder.

Source : Media Vault – Extension WordPress |

This Plugin provides functions for an automatic email encryption and protection against spam.

Source : PB MailCrypt – AntiSpam Email Encryption – Extension WordPress |

Does your site contain unprotected email addresses? Use the page scanner to see whether all your email addresses are protected.

Source : Page Scanner | Email Address Encoder

Loginizer is a WordPress security plugin which helps you fight against bruteforce attacks.

Source : Loginizer – Extension WordPress |

Changez votre wp-login.php en ce que vous voulez.

Source : WPS Hide Login – Extension WordPress |

An extremely powerful antispam plugin that blocks spam-bots without annoying captcha images.

Source : WPBruiser {no- Captcha anti-Spam} – Extension WordPress |

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